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Monday, March 24, 2008

CBS Reporter Remembers Bosnian Trip Differently

Last Monday Hillary said of her trip to Bosnia:

"There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport," Clinton said. "But instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."

We've all seen the video by now that shows her deboarding and meeting with a little girl, hardly a dangerous situation. Now, a reporter that accompanied her on the trip, Sharyl Attkisson of CBS news, writes:

"Due to the possibility of sniper fire, our pilots used what we were told are 'assault take-offs and landings.' In short, the climb and descent are very fast, and very steep to minimize exposure to hostile fire on the ground.

It's exciting and frightening and, in the midst of it all, wearing our helmets and bulletproof vests, it's easy to imagine we may be narrowly escaping enemy bullets.

In reality, we had no known incidents of enemy fire on our aircraft. Mindful of the fact that we were with the First Lady, and that she was venturing farther inside Bosnia than her husband the President had ever gone, reporters kept a close eye to the crowds and never entirely went off-guard.

However, the mood upon first landing at the Tuzla airport was light. Children were there on the tarmac to greet the first lady, Chelsea was by her side, Bosnian dignitaries had gathered: It felt safe."

Attkisson adds:

"Update: In a conference call with reporters this afternoon, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson answered questions about Clinton's assertions, allowing that it is possible she 'misspoke.'"

You can watch the CBS story here.

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