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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clinton Endorser Admits Affairs or New York's Crazy Governors

From the New York Daily News:

"Gov. David Paterson, standing with his wife, Michelle Paige, in the Capitol's Red Room, said his 'conscience is clear' when it comes to his marriage and infidelities, but admitted that he was involved with numerous women 'several years ago' - including one woman who is currently a staffer in the governor's office.

UPDATE: According to Paterson spokesman Errol Cockfield, Paterson had an affair with a woman who worked on Eliot Spitzer's executive staff and is still there, but never worked directly for Paterson until he 'inherited' her when Spitzer resigned.

To clarify: Cockfield says only one of Paterson's affairs occurred with a woman on the state payroll - not two as originally believed.

Asked what will happen to her now that her former lover is her boss, Paterson said during the press conference that decision will be left up to her.

During the press conference, Paterson said he was 'angry' and 'jealous' and 'exercising poor judgement' when he had his affairs, which occurred at a time when his wife was also straying from the marriage.

He seemed to suggest his infidelity was a direct result of hers, but then later said he wasn't trying to blame anyone for his own failings."

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