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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Clinton Exaggerates Foreign Policy Credentials. World in Shock.

We're all clear on the fact that Hillary is claiming to have passed the Commander in Chief test. What we're all still trying to figure out is what test she's talking about. She's cited several foreign policy experience examples that have all been shot down. This memo, by Greg Craig, former director of the Policy Planning Office, U.S. State Department, sent out today is posted on the Barack Obama campaign website, and its facts are pretty solid.

Here's my interpretation of what the memo says:

Her claim of work on the peace process in Northern Ireland: didn't happen. (And the Nobel prize winner who worked on it said she was nothing more than a cheerleader.)

Her dangerous trip to Bosnia: accompanied by her bodyguard "Sinbad"

Her claim she negotiated the open borders in Kosovo: they were opened before she got there.

Her claim she urged President Clinton to use military force in Rwanda: no one remembers this happening except President Clinton. He apparently didn't care enough to mention it to anyone else.

Her claim she gave a speech in China on women's rights: true. But it's just a speech. We want solutions, not speeches.

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