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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Democratic Presidential Race a "train wreck"

An article in the Washington Post today talks about the dems and how "they have no scripted ending to this titanic battle, no scenario ready for wide embrace. Or any embrace. Or even a handshake."

The article quotes John Edgell, a Democratic operative not working for either side as saying: "It's a train wreck. Either way, you're going to tick off half the base."

Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that a "dream ticket" was impossible with as bad as it's getting between Obama and Hillary.

What exactly is the party leadership doing to ease this situation? You have a powerful presence in Ted Kennedy, among others, who should be able to force both campaigns to sit down and work out an end to this. However, you have HillBilly. They will fight to the bitter end. This is going to just keep getting worse.

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