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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Federal Appeals Court Considers Florida Vote

At least this Florida election isn't being determined in the Supreme Court. Oh, wait. I guess we're heading there again. This time, the DNC is being accused of violating the equal protection of the 14th Amendment.

According to CNN:

"Attorney Michael Steinberg filed suit in August on behalf of Democratic Party activist Victor DiMaio.

The suit came after the DNC said it would not seat Florida delegates at the national convention because the state party defied party rules and scheduled its primary for January 29."

The district court dismissed the case, and now they've had their arguments before the Court of Appeals.

Again from CNN:

"Joe Sandler, attorney for the DNC, told the three-judge panel that the committee is a private entity and 'is actually exercising its own constitutional right by not seating delegates.'"

There it is. The DNC is deliberately denying people the right to vote. So much for the legacy of LBJ and RFK. They're saying they have a constitutional right to not let people vote. I think this falls under the category of following the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law.

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