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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Florida Dems Don't Want Re-Vote

From CNN:

"Florida's House Democratic delegation said in an issued statement Tuesday night they oppose a re-vote in Florida of any kind, including one done by mail.

"We are committed to working with the DNC, the Florida State Democratic party, our Democratic leaders in Florida, and our two candidates to reach an expedited solution that ensures our 210 delegates are seated," the delegation's statement read. "Our House delegation is opposed to a mail-in campaign or any redo of any kind."

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson is strongly advocating a re-vote done by mail."

Clinton endorser Nelson really wants a re-vote, but the state's democrats don't? Obama said on MSNBC tonight that he was committed to seating the Florida delegation but there were concerns about the security of a mail-in vote. He didn't rule it out, however.

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