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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hillary: Fibber in Chief

That great headline is from the London Times, no small newspaper in the world. It's a hysterical look by Gerard Baker at Hillary's fibs over the years starting with the recent Bosnia Whopper and including this little reminder:

"For no obvious reason she once claimed her parents named her after Sir Edmund Hillary, even though she was born more than five years before the mountaineer's ascent of Everest, when he was known by almost no one outside New Zealand."

He concludes that Hillary's campaign is dead in the water:

"After that final primary in Puerto Rico on June 1, Mr Obama will have won more states, more delegates and more popular votes than Mrs Clinton. How in those circumstances can Mrs Clinton claim a moral case for staying in the race?

Her answer is to persuade the party's super-delegates - top party leaders and elected officials who will have the casting votes - that she is more electable than Mr Obama, and that they would be doing the party a favour if they chose her over the wishes of the tens of millions of people who have voted in the primaries.

They are unlikely to be taken in. They are more likely to view it as another example of Senator Clinton's misspeaking."

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