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Friday, March 7, 2008

Hillary Hitchhikes onto Straight Talk Bus

This snippet from the Keith Olbermann last night was great. They're trying to figure out why in the last several days Hillary has been saying how great John McCain is.

She's praised him all over the place. A little odd for someone who thinks they might be running against them in November.

Here's the real reason why she's doing it: she wants to run as Vice President on McCain's ticket when she loses the nomination to Obama. She thinks that's the real power ticket.

You'll remember she said she was open to a bi-partisan cabinet at the end of her Daily Show interview before the primary;

She said: "Well I've said many times that I'd like to have a bi-partisan cabinet and White House... There are good ideas across the political spectrum."

McCain/Hillary? Well, she may have dreams of this, but I can guarantee it would never happen. McCain has already got the conservatives in his party pretty mad. Can you imagine if he added her to the ticket? Of course, they all keep saying (Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etc.) they'd vote for Hillary over McCain. This would be his perfect revenge! I love it!

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