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Monday, March 3, 2008

Hillary Supporter Mocks McCain's POW Ordeal

According to the New York Post, Gloria Steinem, one of Hillary's biggest supporters, mocked McCain's time as a POW last night at a rally in Austin. The Clinton campaign ended up apologizing, and praising McCain. You always want to be in a position of praising your opponent on the campaign trail. No word if Clinton rejected and denounced Gloria Steinem. I'm sure she did not.

Remember FOBs? Friends of Bills? What does that make Hill's gal pals? HGPs? FOCs? Friends of Clinton? FOHs? Friends of Hillary? In any event, with friends like these....

I'll go with HGP. Hill's best GP is Tina Fey, who single-handedly made the press "go after" Obama. It's nice to see women rally behind a stupid cause. Makes you think all that hard work to get the vote won't go to waste. No one said you had to vote smart, just vote. HGPs prove even the best women can be misled.

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