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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Limbaugh Wants GOP to vote for Hillary

You can file this under absurd and not likely to happen. According to CNN, Rush Limbaugh wants Republicans to cross over and vote for Hillary in today's primaries so the democratic nomination process continues to be long and drawn out. Limbaugh figures the longer it goes on the better for the Republicans. Or, he could look at national polls that show it would be easier for McCain to beat Hillary than Obama. However, that would require thinking and it's not exactly a strong suit of Limbaugh's.

This is the same man who hated McCain until he realized REPUBLICANS were electing him and he better get behind him or risk alienating his listeners. Of course, he also wants Mike Huckabee to get a lot of votes so if he urges Republicans to cross over and vote Democratic those likely to do so are probably the same ones who would vote for McCain. I'm sure there's nothing Limbaugh would like better than to see Huckabee win a big state like Texas.

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