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Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama Campaign Mugged Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton insists, according to CNN, that he didn't play the race card in the South Carolina primary and that to insist he did "is a total myth and a mugging." Sort of like a fairy tale?

Let's get into his comparison of Obama to a criminal. No, there's nothing inherently racist about any of that, Bill.

From CNN:

"The former president came under criticism from several members in the African-American community for comments he made on the trail in South Carolina and New Hampshire, including the suggestion Obama's record on the Iraq war is a 'fairy tale,' and the comparison of the Illinois senator's success in the state to that of the Rev. Jesse Jackson when he ran for president in the 1980's."

Kind of like "I'm not a racist. I have a black friend!" This is the benign, subconscious racism that permeates the South, and in particular the Clinton campaign. We see over and over and over again with them comments like these, and Ferraro's, that are blatantly offensive, but "well meant."

Does anyone have a dart that can quietly put the Clinton campaign to sleep? So we can drop them off in the woods like an out of place bear that's wandered into your neighborhood.

On the other hand, the more Bill Clinton speaks, the more he helps Obama.

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