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Friday, March 28, 2008

Obama to Keystone State, Gets Key Endorsement

Obama begins a six day campaign tour of Pennsylvania today, a signal that he's not giving up on the state despite a 12 point deficit to Hillary Clinton. From the New York Times:

"Outside the Philadelphia media market, the state is trickier for Mr. Obama, especially in the west where his itinerary begins. Part of Pittsburgh, in Allegheny County, with blacks and liberal whites is a likely oasis for him, but the surrounding region of conservative, blue-collar Reagan Democrats, many of them Roman Catholic, will be among his toughest audiences.

On the bus tour, Mr. Obama intends to concentrate on listening to voters in small public forums and conveying his belief that he can create a working majority in Washington to bring about change."

He'll get some help with those Reagan Democrats from Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey. From CNN:

"Casey will announce his support of Barack Obama's White House bid Friday...

Casey is a first-term senator and son of a popular former governor of the state, Bob Casey, Sr. A prominent catholic, Casey's support could help Obama make inroads among catholic voters in the state — a voting bloc that has favored Clinton in most other primary contests."

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