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Thursday, March 13, 2008

This isn't good.

FOX "news" has posted video of a controversial pastor, Jeremiah Wright, at Obama's church, Trinity Unity Church of Christ, making very inappropriate and inflammatory remarks. His comments have been the subject of talk before, but the video was just now made available. According to Ben Smith, in the video:

"He begins by describing the Romans, who crucified Jesus, as Italians, and thus white, and more or less goes from there.

'Barack knows what it means living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people,' Wright says.

'Hillary ain't never been called a n*****,' he says at the climax."

Here's the video because people should judge for themselves (not that there's anything redeeming about it):

This is very Malcom X and the very thing that many white people fear: that Obama is secretly a black militant who is trying to masquerade as an "acceptable" black person. The problem with this, is that he went to this guy's church for 20 years. He really needs to come out with strong language disavowing these statements and remove Wright from his campaign. Of course, it fits with his "experience" as a black man as described in his book "Dreams of our Fathers." He's constantly sought to identify himself with one race or another. A Church that states on its website that its: "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian" fits him to a tee, but scares the bejeezus out of whites. Nobody is going to make the distinction between his views and the views of his church.

Obviously, there is another large issue at work here, and that is what the Hillary campaign has brought us to. This video would've come out whether or not she stayed in the race, but it wouldn't have come out this quickly, and on the heels of the Ferraro resignation, no less. It's not hard to imagine the Clintons using FOX as their allies in the War Against Obama. They are desperate and are going to continue to drag down the Democrats until the only person left standing is John McCain.

More proof that they only have their best interests at heart? They're looking for people to come forward to file lawsuits against the caucus results in Texas. That's right. The part of the race that Obama won. They're not complaining about irregularities with the popular vote (as Hillary won that). Since Obama won the delegate vote in Texas, Hillary now wants to challenge those results.

What on earth is the Democratic party doing to stop this? Nothing! They're going to let the Clintons destroy the most promising rising star they've had since JFK. Even Bill Clinton wasn't this popular. Remember, he never won a majority of the popular vote in his Presidential elections. He never crossed the 50% threshold.

It's time for Howard Dean to stand up and scream as only he knows how and put an end to this. Now!

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