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Friday, March 21, 2008

Well this is just funny!

Sure looks like Reverend Wright sitting next to Hillary at the same prayer breakfast where Bill Clinton had his picture taken with Wright.

According to

"(Hat tip to reader Dem in VA.) Hillary was there, so who's the guy sitting next to her? If it is Wright, it's kind of hard to imagine that they'd sit an "America hater" next to the woman who singlehandedly brought peace to Northern Ireland. You don't put random people next to the First Lady. And you REALLY don't put just anybody next to the First Lady during a speech in which you know that Bill Clinton is going to talk about Monica. This had to be a horrible scene for Hillary - you had better believe that the man sitting next to Hillary was vetted to the moon and back. He was chosen as the best man in the room. So who was he? Sure looks like Rev. Wright. More from the NYT. (Full disclosure, I lightened the photo with Hillary so as to make Wright's facial features more visible, for comparison sake.)"

Obviously, this isn't the same as having the man as your preacher, but can you imagine the coincidence of this? The same man was present at, or part of, the two worst public relations disasters for BOTH the democratic candidates! He supported Hillary in her hour of need, and caused Obama's!

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