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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What is She Hiding?

The Obama campaign is in full court press mode against Senator Hillary Clinton to release her income tax returns. The importance of this is really not to see how much money she's making, but to see who is giving her money.

We're all aware of how much money the Clinton Foundation is bringing in every year. (Remember the millions of dollars from the Canadian businessman?) The Swamp has this great point to make about the Clintons:

"The Clinton Foundation's funding stream has been a sensitive topic since the former president was assailed by members of Congress for reportedly accepting a $450,000 library contribution from the ex-wife of fugitive financier Marc Rich shortly before pardoning Rich for tax evasion in 2001, just before Clinton left the White House.

The Clinton campaign said the Clinton Foundation would release a list of future donors if Hillary Clinton is elected president."

So the information that Americans need to have in order to make a solid decision about the candidates for President won't be provided until that person becomes President?

These people will take money from anyone and everyone. If that doesn't go to the heart of their credibility and who they feel beholden to, I don't know what does. Maybe it's all those years in the heart of "Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!" country, but do they ever get out of the mud long enough to stop slinging it?

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