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Thursday, March 6, 2008

You Want These People Running the White House?

The Washington Post has a great article today on the horrible in-fighting in the Clinton campaign, despite their victories on Tuesday.

According to the Post: "They savored their wins yesterday, plotted their next steps and indulged in a moment of optimism. 'She won't be stopped,' one aide crowed.

And then Clinton's advisers turned to their other goal: denying Mark Penn credit.

Many of her advisers are waging a two-front war, one against Sen. Barack Obama and the second against one another, but their most pressing challenge is figuring out why Clinton won in Ohio and Texas and trying to duplicate it. While Penn sees his strategy as a reason for the victories that have kept her candidacy alive, other advisers attribute the wins to her perseverance, favorable demographics and a new campaign manager. Clinton won 'despite us, not because of us,' one said."

If nothing else, the way in which Obama has organized and run his campaign should reassure Americans that an Obama White House will be well organized and efficient. They've accomplished everything they've set out to do. That's impressive. Or, you can watch Primary Colors for the next four years. I know I'll go with Obama.

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