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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baller for President

From CNN:

KOKOMO, Indiana (AP) — For Barack Obama, figuring out how to cap a long campaign day in basketball-crazy Indiana was a no-brainer — you shoot some hoops.

After a noisy campaign rally, he donned sweat pants and a "USMC" shirt for a little action on the courts, with no ordinary companions. His 3-on-3 team included Alison Bales, a member of the
WNBA's Indiana Fever.

Some area high-schoolers also took part.

He kept up with the younger competitors, but at one point joked with medics standing by that they might be needed.

And he proved to be effective, scoring four baskets that included a nifty left-handed three-pointer. He grabbed four rebounds and stole a couple.

His team won 15-5.

Just for fun, some "classic" Obama.

Come on Indiana. Who do you want to elect? Someone who can hit a three pointer (you haven't seen that in a long time!) or someone who does nothing but commit technical fouls?

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