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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton Ahead (If she cheats)

Hillary Clinton now claims she is ahead in the popular vote and that she's won more votes than anybody who has ever run for president in a Democratic primary (no thanks to the record numbers of voters Barack Obama has brought to the polls).

What she fails to indicate, as it is inconvenient for her, is that this includes states in which Obama did NOT campaign at all: Michigan and Florida (unlike Hillary who just happened to pop in to Florida the day of the primary). In fact, from MSNBC:

"Clinton is including Michigan and Florida, primaries she won after all the candidates agreed to boycott the states for holding votes too early for party rules. Obama had his name pulled off the ballot in Michigan, so he doesn't get a single vote from that state."

Obama pulled his name and doesn't get a single vote but she's entitled to keep the ones she got because she didn't have the integrity to remove her name from the ballot?

Clinton also claims that if Democrats were using Republican rules she would be the nominee. Yes, and if we were using the Vatican's rules the sun would revolve around the earth. This logic gives me a headache.

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