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Monday, April 14, 2008

Elitist For President!

I want to know what exactly the argument is here. That Obama would make a bad President because he's allegedly "out of touch" for comments he made at a wealthy home during a San Francisco fundraiser? That Hillary, whose told more "stories" about pretty much anything you can think of, would be a better President because she can slide into an Arkansas drawl, shoot a gun, and take a shot with you?

I seem to recall that the current President fits that mold to a T. The last election nobody wanted to vote for John Kerry because he came across as a boring, arrogant, snot. President Bush had invaded Iraq, created more infringements on American civil liberties since McCarthy and people still wanted to vote for him. Why? Because he's a "good old boy." Who wouldn't want to hang out with him and have a beer? (Well, quite a few people). This is what it got us:

I think I'll take the elitist. Thanks anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, can you let me know what infringements on American Civil Liberties McCarthy created?

If you're going to be more than just an average angry lefty (no matter what your self declared political affiliations may be), you should at least do modicum of brushing up on actual history....

Pinko said...

Dude, seriously? I suppose you see McCarthy as a patriot. Maybe you should read a mainstream history book before you make anonymous posts on blogs.