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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Highlights from the Debate

Hillary Sounding Like Pennsylvania will Decide if she stays in race.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but at the end of the debate tonight Charlie Gibson asked both candidates what they would say to the superdelegates to convince them to give them the nomination.

Hillary proceeded to talk about her plans for the Presidency and then said she needed the people of Pennsylvania to help her out so she could get to the point where she could be in a room with the superdelegates.

To me that seems to imply if she loses she'll call it quits, despite her adamant statements to the contrary.

Hillary Addresses Bosnia Story

This is about as close as I've ever heard Hillary get to out right telling it like it is, admitting at Wednesday night's debate that she "said some things that weren't in keeping with what I knew to be the case" when she claimed to have come under sniper fire. However, it didn't last very long. She just couldn't quite bring herself to leave it at that. She had to try and justify it in some way. She then undercuts everything she just said by saying "I was not as accurate as I have been in the past."

Can Obama Win A General Election?

George Stephanopoulos to Hillary:
Do you think Senator Obama can do that? Can he win?
Hillary: Yes, yes, yes. Now, I think I can do a better job. Obviously, that is why I am here.

Hillary steps neck deep into the mud.

Hillary, in addressing the Reverend Wright hoopla suggests that we have a choice of who we hang out with (which is true), but then she said you really have to look at why someone has relationships with Louis Farrakhan and Hamas. She didn't make it clear that those are Wright's relationships and not Obama's.

Obama makes strong statement about his "friendships"

He was asked about his relationship with William Ayers, a man who to say he has a checkered past is putting it mildly. He was a member of the Weather Underground and responsible for bombings of U.S. government buildings. Obama bristled, and said that he didn't know why it was relevant that he was friends with someone who had taken actions that were intolerant 40 years ago when he [Obama] was 8. Obama said he was also friends with one of the most conservative Republican members of Senate, Tom Coburn, a man whose called for the death penalty for abortionists. Obama asked, do i need to apologize for him, too?

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