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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Stand Corrected

In an earlier post I discussed the "Attack of the Torch" that was happening in France and England as human rights activists tried to extinguish the Olympic flame. I observed that it was not likely to happen in America as we preferred to air our differences on the court rather than throwing water at torch bearers. I forgot about San Francisco.

From NPR:
"The Olympic torch relay got off to a chaotic start in San Francisco on Wednesday, when the torchbearer was routed away from thousands who turned out to cheer and protest the flame's journey to Beijing.

The flame disappeared from view for about 30 minutes when the first torchbearer ran into a warehouse near the waterfront after the opening ceremony. It reappeared about a mile from its expected location."

What genius decided the torch relay should start in San Francisco anyway? I suppose they asked themselves, "Where can we find the most pissed off Asian Americans and human rights activists all in one central location?" Oh, well. At least China is getting the message that America is serious about extinguishing that torch. I'd be more impressed if I thought the Chinese Government actually cared what the rest of the world thought. Somehow, after watching Dan Rather pull the plug in Tienanmen Square, I just don't get the sense they're all that concerned about our opinion.

Now Obama has gotten on the Clinton Bush Boycott Beijing Bandwagon. Apparently, he feels that San Francisco is representative of how the rest of America feels. According to MSNBC:

"President Bush should boycott the opening ceremony of the Olympics if China does not take steps to help stop genocide in Darfur and improve human rights in Tibet, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Wednesday.

But Obama qualified that by saying any decision should be made closer to the date of the Olympic Games in Beijing in August."

Maybe if the rest of the world, or the Chinese, had any respect for President Bush this would be an effective line to take. However...

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