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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Idiocracy: Howard Dean's DNC Leadership

Do you think the race between Obama and Hillary has Dean screaming at home in frustration every night?

The New York Observer has a great story giving an account of a meeting between Howard Dean and Obama and Hillary donors. It sums up everything that has gone wrong with this party and why they've descended into an Idiocracy.

Dean apparently sat down with the donors to encourage them to donate to the DNC and rally behind the eventual nominee. According to the Observer, things took an ugly turn when Hillary donors started pressing Dean why he wasn't doing more to resolve the Michigan - Florida delegate situation. This resulted in this classic response from one of the donors that could've only come from a Democrat:

"Some participants grew so angry that Gail Furman, a Democratic donor who is neutral in the race, bemoaned the divisions in the party. According to a source, Furman said that as a psychologist, she was saddened and upset that some of the party's leaders were displaying such raw and rancorous emotions."

Can you imagine a Republican being "saddened" that some GOP members weren't rallying behind McCain and were displaying "raw and rancorous" emotions? No! Republicans may hate their guy, but they hate Democrats more. This is what you need to succeed in politics. You can't cry about it, you have to get down and dirty. Let's hope for Obama's sake the DNC gets tough and tells Hillary's folks to sit down and shut-up.

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