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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Need Money? Ask Bill.


"The Clintons have made a $100-million fortune since leaving the White House, but a Politico analysis found that hasn’t kept Bill Clinton from taking full advantage of the publicly funded perks offered to ex-presidents.

In fact, his presidential retirement benefits cost taxpayers almost as much as those of the other two living ex-presidents combined.

The price tag for Clinton’s federal retirement allowance from 2001 through the end of this year will run $8 million, compared to $5.5 million for George H. W. Bush’s and $4 million for Jimmy Carter’s during the same period."

The story goes on to say that Bill's burning up the phone lines (while doing who knows what else) to the tune of $420,000 and his office rent totaled $3.2 million.

I think it's time for Bill and Hill to take one of those donations they were going to give to her campaign and send it to some taxpayers.

Photo courtesy: AP

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Anonymous said...

I think that means it's time to start initiating needs based dispersments to the former Presidents. How disgusting.