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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obligatory "I'm Staying" News Conference

Bill Self participated today in the obligatory "I'm Staying" News Conference that seems to occur after every National Championship game KU plays. He announced he was staying at Kansas and turned down Oklahoma State.

As Jayhawk fans, this is hard to accept at first blush. However, I firmly believe Coach Self is at Kansas for the foreseeable future.

That being said, we've been burned before. It's hard to say who was worse, Roy or Larry.

In 2003, Roy famously shot down Bonnie Bernstein after the Championship game when she asked about the North Carolina job.

Within the week, Roy was crying in North Carolina, accepting the job.

In 1988, Larry Brown famously held a news conference in Allen Fieldhouse after winning the National Championship to announce he was turning down the UCLA job. A little while later, he was off to the San Antonio Spurs.

I guess it's the price you pay for winning a National Championship. Let's hope Bill Self doesn't give us a three-peat.

Photo Courtesy: Lawrence Journal World

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