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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ol' Double Talk Back on Campaign Trail

Today, Hillary criticized Obama for saying McCain would be a better President than Bush. [When will he stop telling the truth??]

According to Ben Smith at Politico:

"Hillary, in Johnstown, PA, knocked Obama's odd decision, or error, in saying McCain is better than Bush.

'We need a nominee who will take on John McCain, not cheer on John McCain, and I will be that nominee,' she said."

You mean, a nominee who won't say (repeatedly) that McCain has passed the commander in chief test? You mean a nominee whose spouse won't say how great a friend and how "very close" the candidate is with McCain? You mean a nominee whose spouse hasn't said McCain is the most electable Republican?

Is it even possible for her to criticize him for anything at this point? It seems like every point she tries to make she ends up looking like a hypocrite.

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