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Monday, April 21, 2008

PA Governor and Hillary Endorser Praises Farrakhan

What was it Hillary said about Senator Obama and his relationship with Reverend Wright? Oh, yeah:

"It is clear as leaders we have a choice who we associate with and who we apparently give some kind of seal of approval to. I think that it wasn't only the specific remarks, but some of the relationships with Reverend Farrakhan ... these are problems, and they raise questions in people's minds. This is a legitimate area as everything is when we run for office for people to be exploring and trying to find answers.


Gov. Rendell: "I'd like to thank the Nation of Islam here in Philadelphia. To thank you for what you stand for and for what you stand for for all the good it does for so many people in Philadelphia."

From the New York Times:
"Mr. Rendell became one of the few big-city mayors ever to share a podium with Mr. Farrakhan, a circumstance that was all the more unusual because Mr. Rendell is Jewish and Mr. Farrakhan is widely regarded as anti-Semitic. Representatives from the city's leading Jewish and Roman Catholic organizations were invited to participate in the rally, but all declined."

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