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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why Edwards Needs to Make an Endorsement

As the Democratic race heads towards an uglier finish than even the most pessimistic supporters could envision, it's become increasingly obvious that a message needs to be sent to the remaining voters. End this race now. When the voters of Pennsylvania head to the polls and cast their votes for Clinton, while still saying that they believe Obama will be the nominee, it's become obvious this race is off course and bogged down in idiocy.

The future primaries in Indiana and North Carolina don't promise anything better or any kind of resolution. In all likelihood, Obama will win North Carolina, and Clinton will win Indiana, possibly by the same margin as Pennsylvania. We will then be left in the same position as before: Obama with a lead over Clinton, Clinton with no way to catch Obama, and a potential nominee in Obama who is so battered and so bruised that John McCain has to do nothing more than pick up where Hillary left off and continue the beating.

With these bleak prospects for the Democratic party it is time for someone to put together a coalition to end the race and force Hillary out. What could be better than to see Senator Ted Kennedy on stage, introducing the newest endorser of Obama, John Edwards. If Edwards were to make the endorsement, he could then call on Senator Clinton to step aside.

It is unlikely to expect Edwards to make this kind of move as he has made it fairly clear he does not intend to endorse anyone. However, the stakes are dire if he does not act. It's like watching a schoolyard fight where half the people are standing around cheering on the battle (the Republicans) and the other half are too scared to do anything to stop it. It takes a person with integrity, fortitude, and courage to break up the fight. If you're the one getting beaten up, you can only pray that someone steps in. It is time for Senator Edwards to be that man, to show the kind of healing leadership he promised to bring this country as President. Now is the time, Senator.

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