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Monday, April 28, 2008

Why Some Voters Make Me Like Hillary

You couldn't pay me to vote for Hillary Clinton. Her character issue is one that I can't get past. I couldn't possibly stomach another eight years of lying and spinning and changing of positions. It's just not going to happen.

However, that being said, there are times when I want to march straight into the voting booth and vote for her. Why? Comments like these: "stupid bitch." Which is usually followed by some logical statement such as "she should just go crawl in a hole and die."

Why is it all right to call her a bitch? There is no other word that you can use to degrade a man in the same way that "bitch" is used against women. I was trying to think of one. There is nothing that is targeted at the male gender in the way that the word "bitch" is used to degrade women. Hillary is a lot of things, and I can't stand her, but I'm tired of hearing people use the b-word.

Why can't you keep politics about the issues: character, policy, leadership skills. Why does it have to delve into sexist comments? Or racist comments for that matter? If you like her, vote for her, if you don't, don't. You don't have to call her a bitch. You're wasting anger and energy and degrading women at the same time.

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