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Thursday, May 1, 2008

97% of Americans Haven't Gotten Rebate Checks

A New Gallup Poll out today shows that only 3% of Americans have actually gotten their rebate checks from the government since they supposedly started being deposited on Sunday.

There has been no change in this baseline percentage reporting that they have received the stimulus rebates in Gallup's Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night interviewing. This is despite government reports that rebates had begun to be deposited in bank accounts Monday for taxpayers who used direct deposit with their tax returns and whose Social Security numbers ended in a range of digits from 00 to 20. In other words, despite the fact that the rebate program has begun, there has been no uptick in perceptions of having received the rebate as of Wednesday.

As of May 12th, only 85% of Americans have received their rebate checks.

Update 2:

May 15th: The IRS really knows how to screw something up. As many as 15,000 rebate checks were sent to the wrong people. And as many as 35,000 households didn't get the $300 child tax rebate they were promised. The check's in the mail!

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