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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Breaking: Obama Ahead in Guam

With 63% of the votes in, Obama leads Hillary in the Guam Primary:

Obama: 899 (54%)
Clinton: 769 (46%)

I think more people than that voted in my high school's student council elections. That's how bizarre this election has gotten.

The Pacific Daily News, Guam's main newspaper says "people turned out in large numbers." The enormity of one crowd was described as follows:

A line of Dededo residents, ready to cast their vote, stretched nearly the entire length of the village's old police/fire building.

I hope that's a big building.


From CNN:
With 20 of 21 precincts reporting, Barack Obama leads the contest with 1,951 votes (52.7 percent), compared to 1,748 votes (47.2 percent) for Hillary Clinton.

Roughly 1,400 votes remain to be tallied in Dededo, about 27 percent of all votes cast in this party-run primary.

You'll recall Dededo is the area with the enormous line that stretched almost the length of a building.

Final Results here

Photo courtesy:Pacific Sunday News

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