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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cheatin' Roy Gets Away With It Again

Okay, so maybe I'm a little bitter, clinging to my National Championship.


UNC-Chapel Hill will not face sanctions over a pickup game Tuesday.

The men's basketball team played with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in violation of a rule that coaches are not allowed to watch pickup games during the offseason.

Division I basketball teams are also prohibited from any mandatory athletically related offseason activities through final exams, which began Monday.

A team spokesman said Coach Roy Williams knew he wasn't supposed to be at the Smith Center practice gym under the letter of the NCAA rules, but that these were "extraordinary circumstances," and he wanted to make sure everything was OK.

This was a unique situation and not an NCAA issue," NCAA media relations director Erik Christianson said in an e-mail. "It certainly was a great opportunity for the student-athletes to interact with a presidential candidate."

Roy's figured out all he has to do to get in some practices is invite Presidential candidates to come take on Tyler Hansbrough. I think he should invite Hillary to come and do the same. I'll bet she shoots a jump shot as well as she makes coffee.

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