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Friday, May 2, 2008

Democrats Experiencing Life as a Republican

I’ve been having flashbacks lately. (Not hot flashes, flashbacks). Cold sweats, chills, bursts of anger, tremors. Am I flashing back to a flu I had once? No. I’m flashing back to my life during the Clinton years.

I remember sitting there listening to my News Director tell me that it was no big deal what Clinton had done in the oval office. A little affair with a pudgy girl was no reason to impeach a President. The Republican in me bristled and said, “How about perjury? How about lying under oath after you’ve sworn to uphold the Constitution?” He dismissed this as fiddle faddle. I shook my head.

Three years earlier, I sat there in my political science classes at KU listening to students slam Bob Dole for being “mean” for being “evil” and happily deciding to vote for Clinton. Only after the election did everyone say, “Hey, that Bob Dole’s a pretty funny, decent guy.” (Must’ve been the commercial with Britney Spears that did it.)

In both instances, I couldn’t understand how people could overlook the numerous things Bill Clinton had done, both as President, and as a lawyer in Arkansas. I am now watching the same thing happen with Senator Obama. Everyone seems to dismiss anything Hillary does and latches on to Obama’s mistakes.

Now those who are supporting Obama know what it was like to be a Republican during the Clinton years in the White House. It’s not fun, is it? You sit there, as intelligent, articulate, college educated people say to you, “You know Obama’s a Muslim, don’t you?” or “The economy was pretty good under Bill, wasn’t it?” or “I just don’t know about that church Obama goes to.” I even had a friend say to me the other day, a man who has a wealth of knowledge in politics, “You mean it’s impossible for Hillary to catch Obama in the delegates count?”

It’s like there’s a magic spell that gets cast over the nation when a Clinton is in the room. Polls have her ahead of Obama among Democrats. Yes, the same Democrats who presumably elected him in all the previous primaries now prefer Hillary.

As I said, flashbacks, twitches, frayed nerves. Let’s hope this time somebody does something to stop She Who Shall Not Be Named.

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Aishya said...

Bill Clinton didn't deserve to be impeached over an affair and Bob Dole is a cranky old bat! Go Hillary!

Go Obama! said...

Aishya - clearly you're living in a dream world!

james said...

It's time the Democrats woke up and realized what they should've known all along: the Clintons are liars! They'll say and do anything it takes to get elected.

Tired of the race said...

Snipergate, bittergate, muslimgate, wrightgate... both the democratic candidates have given us too many new "gates" for the lexicon.

Politics 101 said...

Just found your blog and read your bio with interest. I'm in Kansas and respect any moderate Republican I can find! I do a much more local political blog on a newspaper website, My email is The blog is called politics101, address is I'll put you on my blogroll