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Friday, May 2, 2008

Guam: The Forgotten Primary

Results here

Little known fact, tomorrow, Saturday, May 3, Guamians go to the polls to vote in the Presidential Primary. 9 delegates are at stake. A couple of days ago, Hillary made sure she got in touch with the island people, saying "Hafa Day" to he people of Guam, sending a message to GFT "Guam's Local Union" for teachers. According to GFT's website:

Guam’s workers and their unions celebrated MayDay with a huge rally that culminated with a video from Senator Hillary Clinton recognizing all of the hard work that our members do and thanking them for it.

GFT's President backs Hillary, while their website encourages everyone to research the candidates.

If you want to watch some painful public access television, here's a Guam television show interview. The interviewer says they're going to hear from supporters of both candidates, but these two are both for Hillary. Perhaps we weren't given the other half. My favorite part is the super that pops up under one of the people being interviewed that identifies him as "Hillary Clinton Male Candidate for Delegate."

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PhD9 said...

The US Virgin Islands, on the other hand is 100% Obama territory.

Puerto Rico appears to also still be in play...