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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Howard Wolfson Steps In It

Hillary's Communications Director got tripped up by Andrea Mitchell (of all people!) today trying to say Joe Andrew wasn't from Indiana. You'll recall Andrew is the former Bill appointed DNC chair who has switched his allegiance to Obamna.

Wolfson: Well, I'm not sure by the way that he's actually from Indiana. I know he's originally from Indiana, but --

Mitchell: Well it's sort of like Hillary Clinton being from Illinois, or New York, or Scranton, or Arkansas --

Wolfson: No, she lives in New York, and so when she -- she's a senator from New York, so she's from New York.

He's not sure Joe Andrew is from Indiana. Well, TPM is:

It's unclear what sort of impact Andrew can have here [in Indiana] -- he briefly ran for governor in 2003 and is now a D.C. corporate lawyer. But the Andrew endorsement is no small thing, since it potentially demonstrates that the spate of bad news that's buffeted Obama of late hasn't stopped some establishment Dems from seeing him as the better nominee.

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