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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

McCain's Female Running Mate

DONE DEAL: McCain chooses Palin

It's been pointed out that the one Republican sitting out there who could really boost McCain to a victory as his Vice President is Sarah Palin. Who? That's right. Sarah Palin. While everyone has been focusing on the Men in Trees version of McCain's VP selection (Crist, Romney, etc.), the popular wisdom is now turning to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

She is pro-life, pro-death penalty, pro-gun rights, anti-gay marriage, and wants to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration. She's only been governor since 2006, but she's about ready to shoot to national stardom. The blog authority on her can be found here.

A quick search reveals this about her:

  • She's 44.
  • She's a former television news journalist, beauty queen, and basketball player (apparently winning the state championship).
  • And oh, yeah, she's due to give birth this month.
I don't know about the other women out there, but I don't think taking on a national campaign would be the best idea right after giving birth. Palin, however, sounds like the type of "rough frontier woman" who just might do it. From FOX News:
The Republican governor, now in her second year as Alaska's chief executive, said she does not believe the pregnancy will affect her ability to run the state. Palin has been mentioned as a potential running mate on the Republican presidential ticket.

She said her work as Wasilla mayor had only a brief interruption when she had her youngest daughter, Piper, six years ago.

"I had Piper on a Monday and I was back to work on a Tuesday," Palin said. "I even brought her to work with me."

I don't think running Wasilla (a small Alaska city) is as hard as running for the Vice Presidency, but maybe she's the woman to do it.

h/t: blog reader Ted.

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