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Saturday, June 28, 2008

And you are...

Apparently David Spade was manning the reception desk at the Washing Sports Club the other day when Obama tried to get in for a quick treadmill session. He tried to "slip" past the receptionist without identifying himself or his Secret Service entourage. I kid you not, from CNN:

But the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee did not get far when he and his entourage of Secret Service agents tried to walk past the front desk without stopping, according to the gym's general manager, Gonzalo Perez-Tamayo.

"It's always a rush in the morning, everyone's trying to come in quickly," Perez-Tamayo said. "She asked him for his last name and he said 'Obama,' then she asked him for his first name."

"It was very funny, she then realized who he was and said, 'Oh I am so sorry!" Perez-Tamayo added.

For the record, Obama is a member at the Washington Sports Club gym network.

The Illinois senator did not appear frustrated by the inconvenience, Perez-Tamayo also said, but he probably realized he needs to get a gym card if he wants to avoid the mix up in the future.

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