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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CNN Exit Polls: South Dakota and Montana

A few highlights from the South Dakota Exit Polls:
  • Hillary won the over 45 crowd while Obama captured the younger generation.
  • Hillary won the white vote again, except for whites under the age of 30. Obama got those voters as well as all the other races.
  • Even though Hillary won the election, most voters in South Dakota said that Obama was most likely to win in November.
  • Obama once again won the college graduates while Hillary won the voters with a High School diploma or less.
  • Obama once again won the over $100,000 dollar crowd.
  • South Dakota Democrats are firmly behind Obama or Hillary, with all voters saying they'd vote for either of them over McCain.
Update: Exit Polls from Montana.
  • Obama won both the male and female vote in Montana, taking the female vote 48-44.
  • Obama also won the under 60 crowd with Hillary taking the older folks.
  • The only voters that showed up at the polls in Montana were White and Obama won all of them, except for the over 60 group.
  • Montana voters also said Obama was most likely to win in November instead of Hillary.
  • He also won the non-college grads and the college grads, gun owners, non-gun owners, those making more than $100,000 and those making less.
  • Republicans crossing over to vote in the election voted for Obama.
  • He basically won all the categories across the board.

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