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Monday, June 16, 2008

Daily Show Video: The Audacity of Fear

The Daily Show debunks the Obama myths.

Tonight we're going to examine the Audacity of Fear. There's an awful lot to be afraid of in the world, terrorists, tomatoes, a panda that has been highly trained in the martial arts. There is one emerging fear that trumps all others: Barackanaphobia: the irrational fear of hope. The irrational fear that behind the mild mannered facade Barack Obama is intent on enslaving the white race. It's true wakeup white people! The sickness manifests itself mostly through rumor often in the form of the only e-mail your grandmother has ever been able to successfully forward.

Internet, rumor, reckless, bad. Mainstream media, responsible, good. (cut to media touting all the rumors). I think all those clips must be from that new cable show, "Shit we are unquestioningly reading off the internet with your host all of us." So if you think Baracknaphobia is bad in America you should see how bad it is in the greatest country on earth, Sean Hannity's America. (cut to outrageous stories on Hannity). And for Hannity this isn't limited to Barack, but all things Obamaish. (cut to clips about Michelle). This Baracking-news: Barack Obama and Pop Rocks: if you eat them both will make your stomach explode. That's just science!

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