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Friday, June 27, 2008

Daily Show Video: North Korea's Downgraded Status

Stewart on decision to remove Iran from Axis of Evil: What's got two legs, a cabinet, and 207 days left to be President. It's Still President George W. Bush. And he remains as committed as ever to his "I don't talk to no terrorists" policy.

(showing bush in Israel saying you can't talk to terrorists)

When it comes to the war on terror Bush is no Neville Chamberlain no weak kneed panty waste English appeaser. He's Wilt Chamberlain dominating the paint, running the give and go, telling the terrorists "No, not in my house!" An then on the weekends he's Richard chamberlain, a simple priest torn between his lover for god and his love for a woman.

So when North Korea, the cute one in the Axis of Evil, tried to put one over on us by giving up the details of their nuclear program. You can imagine our still President stood strong.

(cut to Bush saying he's rescinding his designation of North Korea as a state sponsor of terror)

Mr. President, you're going to take the word of a mad man? North Korea's no longer a part of the Axis of Evil? What the hell? There were three countries. Iraq is already out of the Axis, North Korea's out. What's left? A dot of evil? Fixed coordinate of perfidy? North Korea may not be evil. They're not off the hook. They're just being downgraded to a slightly less menacing category. I'm going to go with douchebag gaggle. So the Axis of Evil is no more, just another stupid phrase our President proffered that has gone by the wayside, but don't worry he's got plenty more.

Then Stewart shows the scariest clip, Obama using the same language as Bush when it comes to gas prices: "I'd love to just waive a magic wand...."

Stewart: Why is oil the only commodity that politicians feel like they need magic to resolve? We could lower the price of wheat if only I had the amulet of righteousness. Just because oil's controlled by a bunch of guys in white robes, doesn't make them magic!

(cut to Bush first saying we need to break our addiction to oil, then two years later saying we need to make more oil)

Stewart: So our new energy policy is "I have a cocaine addiction. I'm out of cocaine. Let's say we turn the kids' rooms into cocaineries."

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