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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Daily Show Video: Obama's Historic Victory

Senator Barack Hussein Napoleon Polpot Obama now has a chance to become the first African American President since season 1 of "24."

Stewart: "Obviously, though, there's the issue of his opponent's concession." (cut to Hillary saying "I will be making no decisions tonight"). Yeah, um, I'm not sure you're understanding this whole election thing decision making power wise. This isn't a nuclear launch where both people have to turn the key. Senator, last night wasn't really about you! I'm sure that sentiment will eventually be reflected in your remarks. (cut to Hillary saying "I" over and over again and plugging her website) Oh, but enough about my Hillary Clinton website. What does your website say about me?

Stewart on all the pundits back in 2006 and 2007 predicting Hillary will crush the competition and win the election: News pundits. They're like the dopperless weathermen of our time.

Stewart on Obama's profile: Look at that pose! He's not just running for President, he's running for coin!

Stewart on McCain making a speech the same night as Obama's victory speech: If I were his Republican opponent I would make sure that I made no speeches this very same night that could be easily and disadvantageously juxtaposed with said passionate speech. (cut to McCain giving speech that night) Oh, f---. John McCain decided to make his case before 1/30th the number of people as Obama in a room ten times as green. Let's not judge the venue, let's not judge the crowd, let's forget that nobody looks particularly hale in an all green room. Let's judge the passion. (cut to McCain bombing in his speech). It was going so well until his mouth ruined it for his face.

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