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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daily Show Video: White House Blocks EPA E-Mail

Stewart: Our government doesn't operate necessarily in the exact manner that we learned about in high school civics. I got a little story tonight that may just rekindle your sense of wonder of just how truly fucked up it is. Be Patient, This Gets Amazing.

Finally last year the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA must regulate greenhouse gases because they are pollutants and not how the administration had argued the musky cologne that makes the atmosphere sexy. There was still hope. Maybe the EPA wouldn't come up with a plan, but they did and they e-mailed this plan to the White House. And here's where it gets amazing.

The White House avoided implementing the EPA's recommendations by informing the agency they would not open the e-mail. Amazing. The White House is treating America's Environmental Policy like a spam boner pill ad. How is that even possible? So I guess King George the Third's fatal mistake was unscrolling the Declaration of Independence. If I don't read it it didn't happen. I guess the EPA could've walked the plan over or perhaps in a more Bush friendly way, let's say, on a cake. Or they could've snuck it into something they know the President reads every day [the comics].

Here's the best part of the whole story. Not opening the e-mail worked. Rather than walk the hard copy over to the government the EPA rewrote the policy to Bush's liking.

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