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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feinstein Calls for Hillary to Quit

More evidence the race is drawing to a close. From CNN:

Major Hillary Clinton supporter Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Tuesday the final primaries mark a “moment of truth” for the New York senator, who should end her campaign.

The California senator also repeated her view that Clinton should be tapped for the vice presidency.

“I think after the campaigns are wrapped up today, it is in fact a moment of truth,” Feinstein told CNN. “I think a decision has to be made about whether keeping this nomination wide open is in the best interest of winning in November. I do not believe that it is, and I’m a very strong supporter of Hillary being placed on ticket as a vice presidential candidate.”

I'm still not getting behind the Hillary as VP idea. It's a losing proposition for Barack Obama. There's no way the Clintons (and you will be getting both) are any kind of a help to him. He will appear weak if he appoints her. It will undercut him as a strong, independent commander in chief.

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