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Friday, June 27, 2008

Gallup Poll: Americans Want Obama, not McCain

A new Gallup Poll says a majority of Americans prefer a candidate whose greatest strength is fixing the economy as opposed to one whose greatest strength is protecting America from terrorism.

56% prefer the "economy fixer" (as W would say) compared to 39% who want a terrorism expert. This favors Obama, obviously, as previous Gallup polls have indicated that Americans trust him over McCain to handle economic issues. According to an earlier poll:

Americans see Barack Obama as better able than John McCain to handle energy issues and the economy, the two most important election issues in the public's eyes, according to a recent Gallup survey. Six other issues were tested in the poll, with the two candidates positioned roughly evenly on Iraq, moral values, and illegal immigration, while Obama has an edge on healthcare and taxes. McCain's only advantage is on terrorism.
He's got the terrorism crowd down pat. He obviously has a lot of work to do in convincing voters he can handle all the other important issues. According to Gallup:
The McCain campaign faces the dilemma of positioning a candidate whose perceived strength, combating terrorism, is currently not in sync with Americans' most important priority, the economy. With the ripple effect of high gas prices taking a direct toll on many Americans' lives, the economy remains the more decisive factor in their vote, and in that respect, Obama currently has the advantage.
See, like I said, Americans prefer Obama.

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