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Thursday, June 12, 2008

John McCain's FOX Sponsored Town Hall

The McCain camp has announced a 7pm ET Town Hall in New York to be broadcast live Thursday, June 12th, on FOX news. They're touting it as the first 2008 Presidential Town Hall meeting. Barack Obama was invited, but declined the invitation. Says the McCain campaign:

Last week, John McCain invited Senator Obama to participate tonight, hoping to start what would be a series of ten town hall meetings where both candidates would travel the country to answer questions from real voters. Senator Obama has yet to agree to meet us in these town halls. These town halls would revolutionize our political process and start a real change in the tone of politics. John McCain believes in this effort and is putting it into action.

Barack Obama has said these Town Halls are a great idea, but no word on when or if they'll start doing them.

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