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Friday, June 13, 2008

McCain Cracks Joke About Economists, Middle Class Fails to Laugh

John McCain was all about his gas tax holiday at a town hall in New Hampshire Thursday. He's still trying to convince everyone that it's the perfect solution even though economists say it's a bad idea. Of course, the summer will come and pass (hell, we're half-way through it now anyway) without a gas tax holiday and McCain will stand around in October saying: "I told you we should have passed a gas tax holiday, but Obama didn't want it so you had to pay more at the pump."

MSNBC's First Read takes us inside the townhall and McCain's attempt to dismiss the "so-called" experts:

Noting that economists almost universally panned his support for a summer gas-tax holiday -- one that was shared by but ultimately unfruitful for Hillary Clinton -- McCain had some uncomplimentary words for the egghead-y money maestros.

"You know the economists?" he said. "They're the same ones that didn't predict this housing crisis we're in. They're the same ones that didn't predict the dot-com meltdown. They're the same ones that didn't predict the inflation that's staring us in the face today."

Cracking a joke, he added, "I'm reminded of the old line that if you took all of the economists in the world and put them end to end, you wouldn't reach a conclusion."
Oh that's so funny that the next time I have to pay $40 dollar at the pump for a full tank of a gas for a TOYOTA COROLLA I won't wince in pain I'll just crack up remembering how funny that John McCain is. The only conclusion I've reached is that somebody better come up with a meaningful solution to the gas price problem instead of "fairy tale" solutions like the gas tax holiday.

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