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Sunday, June 8, 2008

New McCain Ad Puts Obama Side-By-Side with Iran's Leader

John McCain's whole-heartedly embracing the old style of politics that Hillary ran against Obama and that Rove used against McCain. Witness the new Internet ad (one that's popping up on my blog!!) he's placed smearing Obama:

It's not enough for McCain to suggest that there might be very real policy differences between the two, but he distorts Obama's position and places him side-by-side with Ahmadinejad, implying that Obama condones Iran. You'll remember Jon Stewart tried to get McCain to retract his statement that Hamas had "endorsed" Obama, but he refused to do so, instead playing the Hillary card of "Who me? Well, I can't say they didn't endorse him..." Strong qualities of a good leader.


The Jed Report has a great example of how pathetic this ad is. He suggests this as as a replacement to demonstrate how strong visual images can be:

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