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Friday, June 13, 2008

Obama: GOP Trying to Make Me and Michelle "Scary"

Following up on the story about the GOP targeting Michelle, Obama has now said the Republicans are going to portray him and his wife as scary (Don't they look terrifying?). From CNN:

Speaking at a high-dollar fundraiser in Chicago's Hyde Park on Thursday evening, the Illinois senator said he thinks he knows what the GOP strategy will be this fall. "They’re going to try to make me into a scary guy. They’re even trying to make Michelle into a scary person. Right?" Obama said. "And so that drumbeat – 'we’re not sure if he’s patriotic or not; we’re not sure if he is too black.' "I don’t know, before I wasn’t black enough," Obama said. " 'Now he might be too black. We don’t know whether he’s going to socialize – well, who knows what.' "

I think it's time to institute a First Lady Debate. If everyone is so interested in knowing who these women are, especially if they're scary, then why not have a joint-appearance? They can both attend a town hall and take questions. America can see them side by side. Then they can defend their positions (i.e. patriotism), discuss their backgrounds (drug abuse - Cindy), defend their husbands (and the use of the c word - Cindy) and portray their views. If these women (okay, just Michelle) are going to be made an issue, let's do it full force. I don't think McCain really wants to open that door, though. Can you imagine what Cindy McCain would have to answer for: drug abuse, her husbands affairs, her non-prosecuted felonies, etc.

But why not? Let's drag them into this, put them out, subject them to questions, post-debate analysis, etc. Then, if the GOP wants to attack there will be actual videotape to refute the allegations unlike the alleged mythical "whitey" tape they hope surfaces of Michelle. I think Michelle would welcome the opportunity. I'd love to see it.

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