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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama: Substantial Lead Among Women

It looks like all the alleged Obama haters among women who were going to vote for McCain aren't as numerous as the MSM makes it out to be.

According to a new Gallup poll:

Obama now leads McCain by 51% to 38% among women overall, and has overtaken McCain among older women, a core Clinton constituency.

Obama's lead among women has now expanded from five percentage points to 13, while his deficit among men has shrunk from six points to two.

These figures are based on aggregated Gallup Poll Daily tracking interviews with national registered voters conducted May 27-June 2 (the week immediately before Obama clinched the nomination on June 3), which showed Obama and McCain tied at 46%, and June 5-9 (the five days since it was reported that Clinton would suspend her campaign), which show Obama ahead, 48% to 42%. Obama clinched the nomination on the evening of June 3, and the news media reported Clinton would suspend her campaign on the evening of June 4. Thus, the data give a clear picture of voter support before and after Clinton's exit.

Since Clinton suspended her campaign, older women's vote preferences have shifted toward Obama, so that he now enjoys a six-point advantage over McCain.

Obama has made major gains in the past few days among married women, erasing McCain's former 52% to 40% lead and pulling into a 45% to 45% tie. Meanwhile, the vote preferences among married men (a solid McCain group) and unmarried men and women (solid Obama groups) have changed little since Clinton decided to end her White House bid.

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