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Monday, June 9, 2008

Pissed Off at the Pump: $4 Gas!

For the first time, the national average for a gallon of gas is now $4.00. And it's only expected to get worse. From the AP:

Prices at the pump are expected to keep climbing, especially after last week's furious surge in oil prices, which neared $140 a barrel in a record-shattering rally Friday.
I've been wanting price controls for awhile now. I'm all about capitalism, but if nobody has any money to spend what good is it? (I can't believe I just said that). Either way, I think the first candidate to advocate price controls should win the election. (Please, let it be Obama). Here are their current positions on the "situation":

Set America on Path to Oil Independence
Obama's plan will reduce oil consumption by at least 35 percent, or 10 million barrels per day, by 2030. This will more than offset the equivalent of the oil we would import from OPEC nations in 2030.

Increase Fuel Economy Standards: Obama will double fuel economy standards within 18 years. His plan will provide retooling tax credits and loan guarantees for domestic auto plants and parts manufacturers, so that they can build new fuel-efficient cars rather than overseas companies. Obama will also invest in advanced vehicle technology such as advanced lightweight materials and new engines.

John McCain Will Help Americans Hurting From High Gasoline And Food Costs. Americans need relief right now from high gas prices. John McCain will act immediately to reduce the pain of high gas prices.

John McCain Believes We Should Institute A Summer Gas Tax Holiday. Hard-working American families are suffering from higher gasoline prices. John McCain calls on Congress to suspend the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and 24.4 cent diesel tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

John McCain Will Stop Filling The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) To Reduce Demand. International demand for oil is bolstered by federal purchases for the SPR. There is no reason to fill it when oil is so expensive; the overall SPR is of adequate size, and when it places further upward pressure on prices.

John McCain Will End Policies That Contribute To Higher Transportation And Food Costs. Ethanol subsidies, tariff barriers and sugar quotas drive up food prices and hurt Americans. However, we cannot take the wrong direction and cut off trade for American goods.


Here's a good headline from CNN to sum up the situation: President, Congress offer no Immediate Help on Gas Prices. Says the President:
"A lot of Americans are concerned about our economy," Bush said. "I can understand why. Gasoline prices are high, energy prices are high. I do remind them that we have put a stimulus package forward that is expected to help boost the economy. And of course, we'll be monitoring the situation."
Oh, good. He's monitoring the situation. That sounds like a rescue plan tailor made to ensure a disaster. I wonder if it's the same plan he used in responding to Katrina. Hmmm...
  • A White House Press Release from February 2006, more than five months after Katrina hit, states that the President wasn't on vacation, enjoying himself while thousands languished in ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi after the storm hit, but was "closely monitoring the situation" and therefore did not fail to react appropriately.
If that's the kind of results we get when the President's "closely monitoring a situation" I'd rather he didn't bother at all.

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