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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poll: Voters Trust Obama over McCain on Economy

A new poll from CNN shows that 50% of registered voters say Obama "would best handle the economy, while only 44 percent said the same for McCain."

Other tidbits from the CNN poll:

  • The new poll doesn't offer McCain all bad news however. A majority of voters say the Arizona Republican is better suited than Obama to handle foreign policy issues. McCain repeatedly touts his foreign policy credentials on the campaign trail and 54 percent of voters aid he is best suited to handle such matters. Forty-three percent gave the nod to Obama when it came to foreign policy.
  • But overall, voters said Obama tends to agree with them more so than McCain on the issues that matter most — 56 percent said Obama is in agreement with them on the most vital issues compared to 50 percent who said the same for McCain.
  • Meanwhile, both candidates score high marks when it comes to leadership qualities — 66 percent said McCain has the necessary leadership qualities needed to be president while 63 percent said the same for Obama.

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